long story coming up here … after 35 + years of having employees
to help me figure things out, i am on my own now …
working by myself mostly, enjoying the rhythms of work,
rediscovering rusty processes, and learning a new
cnc drawing and toolpathing program
on we go, into our 70s ….

i (we) have done this design numerous times,
the first time somewhere around 2014

this one is a 60″ round with 1 20″ leaf …
lookin good in its new home

started with some matched irion lumber walnut

glued it up and cut the half rounds and the leaf ends on the cnc

drilled the holes and inserted the pins with our long time

 trusty custom hole and pin and drilling jig


cut the base parts on the cnc

wrestled with many clamps to glue them up

cut the square edge apron parts

joined them together with dominos and pocket screws

routed a half round pocket in a piece of mdf and used the 45 degree
bit to create the angles on the apron pieces below

all together now …

a little finishing with some dull rubbed poly ..
off to connecticutt …

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