A Woodworkers Photo Journal: cremation urns .. a meditative process

time for a little update to an ongoing post i wrote back in 2014.

i am working on a new mahogany box for a client in Louisiana

similar to the one below, only in natural mahogany …

this photo shows the interior, with the supports for the sub top

i will add a small leather tab to the back of the sub top 

once i have completed the finishing

it is in the finish room now … more photos later …

we’ve made a number of boxes for friends’ ashes over the years.  i always find it an honor, a time to reflect, and a time to appreciate the person and the relationship we had.  the boxes and caskets below were all made in the last 7 years and i expect as time goes by to make a few more each year. our friends are getting older. click the photos to enlarge them.

the box at the top of this post was for the mother of a good friend;  her daughter in law’s box is in the photo above; both boxes are in stained butternut.

this one was for a good friend’s mother; cherry and curly maple.

a matching pair … the husband above in november; the wife, below, a few months later.

both in stained quartered cherry


and we knew them since the 70’s

a friend for 43 years who passed on this past summer .. birdseye maple and steel; family effort; sam on metal; will on dovetails; dan on the box bottom, the lid, and finish

kit’s mom;  milk painted pine and douglas fir

mother in law above … father in law below

reclaimed pine

a few more boxes from the archives below

“put a piece of glass in that sub top so horst gets some light in there”


not an urn, but a ‘treasure box’ .. 

and here are two casket i made,
one for my dad , a dancer, an engineer, a fisherman and a hunter; cherry and walnut

and one for my mom; a mom and a quilter; various woods

 there is a detailed post on box making with dimensions and step by step steps at this link

 they’ve all been spur of the moment projects and i haven’t varied the theme much

 and often i get one of these

jump at the chance to make one if it comes your way.  you won’t regret it.  it’s wonderful thing to do.

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