A Woodworkers Photo Journal: ok, i’m back ….

it’s been almost 6 months since i have added to the plus or minus 900

blog posts i have written.   my longest time off from blogging since i started in 2007. 

in november the doctors gave me a date of January 21st for open heart surgery 

to repair a leaky mitral valve, and that threw me off stride a bit.

my surgery and recovery has gone well; i have been back to work now for

a couple of months, feeling good, and the golf courses have opened!

we just shipped out a nice outdoor commission last thursday and

it all looks very happy in its new home …
click the photos to enlarge them … 

 nice river view!  

as you can see below, there were lots of steps between the drawing and the finished product ..

i will try to add other entries on other projects we have completed since 

november as the spirit moves me … 

good see that folks are still reading even though i haven’t been writing .. 

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